New Expressway 54 Progress!

Photos by Gary Zeiger August 13, 2008

By now, most of you have heard of the new 54 Expressway that is underway in Camden and Miller counties. For those of you that aren’t aware, the project includes construction of a four-lane divided expressway to include grading, drainage, bridges, retaining walls, paving and utilities. Six interchanges will provide access between existing Route 54 and the new expressway. The interchanges will be at Business Route 54, Route 42, Passover Road, Jefferies Road, Broadwater Lane and Nichols/Route KK. The expected completion date is slated for Spring 2010. In early August, it was announced that a city-wide transportation study will be completed sometime before the peak holiday season is over. The study will provide a new Transportation Master Plan and the development of a 10-year priority list. The master plan will look at how future growth will affect us and how we need to prepare for it now, explains City engineer Nick Edelman. As the city’s growth continues to expand, Mayor Penny Lyons said, in 10 to 12 years the roads could end up being just as crowded as they are now. The transportation study will also examine the capacity and the free-flow speed of various streets while taking a look at new connecting routes. We have already witnessed major progress at various locations around the lake!
Source: MoDOT & Lake Sun Leader


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