The Lake’s Housing Rebound has Seen More Pocket Listings

As most buyers and sellers know, the most typical and successful place to list a property is in the local MLS (multiple listing service), a database available to agents and now these services syndicate listings to popular online web sites such as Trulia and Zillow. This gives anyone in the world a chance to browse photos of homes before they view them in person with their real estate agents. At one time pocket listings were more prevalent among luxury homeowners, but now that the Internet has created an open marketplace, sellers in many price ranges like to keep their property out of the public. They feel more confident with buyers they know that are already working with an agent and have been pre-qualified or are serious about purchasing, before viewing their home. Another reason we see more pocket listings here at Lake of the Ozarks is because it is a second-home destination. Many times the sellers are vacationing and don’t want the burden of showings, unless they know it is serious buyer. We have photos and details of our pocket listings, and generally contact our clients that we feel would make a good fit. If there is something specific you are looking for, please make sure we know your criteria. Many times these listings are available to us and new ones come on often. Schedule a time to meet or call us today to discuss, the lake market is very active this year! Now is the perfect time to buy.


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