Wintertime Real Estate Opportunities at Lake of the Ozarks

As we all know, the winter months at the Lake of the Ozarks brings a completely different feel to our visitor dynamics than the summer. Swimming suits and open air dining is replaced with bundled up shoppers and crowded sports bars. This time of the year also brings reflection on the close to 2013 and goal setting and planning for change in 2014. During this time, many of our clients make decisions concerning their weekend time with family. Some will be deciding to upgrade to new lake front properties, while others will be in a downsizing mode. Regardless, this is a time for excellent opportunities for the sale of a current lake property and/or the purchase of a new one. Our market, similarly to other areas of the country, has experienced a marked decrease in the number of new listings this fall, thus shrinking our inventory for buyers. For example, we received 334 fewer new listings from September 1 through December 1 as compared to the previous months of June 1 through September 1. In the same time frames, our Multi-Listing service reported only 125 fewer sales. For sellers, this allows for less competition in the marketplace and will theoretically allow more buyers to view your home in their online search. The outcome can be a more timely sale of your property.

For buyers, winter purchases can also lead to excellent opportunities. Many times sellers feel as though the summer is over and “carrying” a property over the winter months is not an exciting prospect. Opportunities certainly exist for buyers as many property owners are more motivated to sell over the winter. In addition, should alterations or remodeling projects be needed with a new purchase, it is easier to obtain a contractor, and sometimes it will be less expensive during the winter. In short, winter sales and purchases can provide excellent opportunities for both buyers and sellers. If you would like additional facts and figures regarding selling or purchasing Lake of the Ozarks properties over the winter months, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

IMG_8097_12 Crop

Kristi Crouch, Realtor® moved to the lake from Columbia, MO in 2004.  Kristi and her husband owned and operated a multi-state travel company.  Prior to her work in travel, Kristi held her real estate license assisting her mother in her real estate sales and property management businesses.  Kristi graduated from William Woods College in 1992 with a degree in Business Administration and double minors in Equestrian Science and Legal Studies.  When not involved in real estate transactions, Kristi is showing her Italian Greyhounds. Her dogs are consistently ranked in the top 10 in the nation.


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