Summer may be over, but Real Estate at the Lake is here to Stay!

Summer at the Lake is over, so now what?  That is what it’s all about isn’t it- – swimming, skiing, sun, laughter, and the ever popular treats from the grill.  But when family and friends are gone, the wonderful lake house will sit EMPTY- right?

Wrong!! The Lake area is a hidden treasure and much more than just summer.  Actually, spring is the beginning of boating season, followed by those memory-building summers.  Then, by late September, we see the slightest hint of color appearing on the leaves, which will rival any fall color display in just a few weeks.  This is a great time for gathering at a winery, sharing a glass of wine, or browsing shops and markets.  Our long season of golf at any of the premier private and public courses will still be underway and then hunting season will soon follow.

Talk about stress relief!  For those who are always ready to drop a line, the bass, crappie, catfish, and spoonbill are lurking somewhere in the miles and miles of bountiful shoreline.  Friends are more than happy to come along for this.  A wonderful meal, ubiquitous entertainment, or a simple rally around the lakeside fire pit is the perfect end to a perfect fall day.  This is more than summer; this is life at the Lake.

There are lakefront properties available at prices that have not been seen for many years.  Savvy buyers are buying now, taking advantage of adjusted values and the all time low cost of the dollar.  Over the long term, real estate is attractive and it is obvious by the reduction in available inventory that serious buyers/investors are including real estate in their portfolios.

Come see what the Lake has to offer in the fall, which soon will be gone as well!  When you shop for the home that will bring you pleasure today and memories tomorrow, contact me directly at 573-692-1850

Terri Neill


Terri holds a Bachelor’s Degrees from Maycrest College in Davenport, IA majoring in Business Administration and Accounting.  After a career in sales management, she retired in 2009 from AT&T in the Chicagoland area.  As a second home-owner and frequent visitor to Lake of the Ozarks, Terri had long enjoyed the natural beauty and community of diverse and friendly people.  “There is no other place quite like it”.  She then fulfilled a dream and made the lake area her permanent home, where she has been both a buyer/seller of real estate property.


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