Reasons to buy Today at the Lake of the Ozarks

The consumer today is drowning in information in regards to the Real Estate market, but is starving for “wisdom”.  Everyone has an overwhelming amount of media at their fingertips today with the Internet, I-Pads, smart phones, television and radio.  It’s no wonder that when I am meeting with buyers and sellers that I am asked questions such as, “Should I buy gold versus a home in the Villages?” and “What about the news that was on CNN?”  Not that these are not valid questions.  However, when you are looking to purchase a home here at Lake Of the Ozarks, I do know that buyers will not get as much emotional pleasure from a gold purchase as they would a home that can create memories.  In regards, to CNN, they have a “situation room.”  The reason they have this, is so that they can continue to have a show.  There will always be a “situation” somewhere during our lifetime that may or may not affect us overall.

As a Real Estate professional, I do know that the same is true in today’s market, as it was ten years ago.  Buyers typically don’t buy logically, they buy emotionally, and then later justify it logically.  Today’s challenge is that now we have to be armed with statistics and facts of why a buyer should purchase today at Lake of the Ozarks once they become emotionally attached to the property.  We have to provide the buyer wisdom.

Here are just a few of the reasons why someone should buy today:

  • Fact One: The Average Interest Rate for the past 38 years has been 8.92%.  In today’s market the average interest rate is around 4%.
  • Fact Two: You Live in the Payment (unless you are a cash buyer).  If you are financing, the price is secondary to the rate.  Today, at these low rates, a buyer is able to buy more for their money as a result of the rate.
  • Fact Three: Real Estate is on Sale.  It’s known industry wide.  Now is the time to buy – “Buy Low and Sell High”

For more reasons why someone should buy here at Lake of the Ozarks, feel free to call me direct at 573-216-0482

Melissa Krantz


Melissa’s background comes from that of family owned businesses in Illinois.  Her and Jeff have three children.  She began her full time Real Estate career in 1998.  She has received sales awards from the local, regional and national level.  She has been the recipient of the RE/MAX Cooperative Spirit twice.  She enjoys her time with both buyers and sellers, and believes in giving back to the community, which gives so much to her team and family.


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