Ameren Shoreline Cleanup Update

Jeff Krantz attended the Adopt the Shoreline meeting this week as our Bagnell Dam Board of Realtors representative and wanted to report the information shared. 

The 2010 Spring Clean up was a great success collecting 1710 cubic yards of foam and debris from the lake.  107 groups participated with 710 volunteers cleaning almost 700 miles of shoreline.  The debris collected was roughly half of the total collected in 2009 and the general reports from the cleanup crews were that there was substantially less debris and foam on the shore.  Ameren feels that these numbers are tracking with the expectations of the encapsulated foam requirement and that it should only get better.  Our Bagnell Dam Board of Realtors spring clean up day collected over 120 cubic yards cleaning approximately 30 miles of shoreline with 40 volunteers.  The Realtor’s efforts far exceeded that of the highest collections of foam collected of any other group in the 107 groups that participated and we did it all in one day! Something to be very proud of.  2011 will mark the 20th year for the Adopt the Shoreline program here at the Lake, this program is the largest of its kind in the country and Ameren commented that they often get calls from other area’s wanting to create programs of their own modeling this one but to date no other area has duplicated our program’s success.

Reports indicate that there are almost 100% of the docks on the lake that are now encapsulated.  A continued focus by Ameren will be on dock and bank stabilization permits.  At the time a listing is taken it is good practice to ensure that seawall, rip rap, boat ramp and dock permits are in place  and that the permits match the dock and dock location that is actually  there.  The time frames associated with requesting and receiving permit verification can really hinder a closing if it’s not discovered until after the contract process begins.


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