Swim Up Bars, Beaches, & Water Rides at Lake of the Ozarks

TropicSun09Lake of the Ozarks is becoming a vacation destination with water activities reminiscent of what you might see in a popular beach resort.  Coconuts Carribean Beach Bar & Grill at the 6MM on the Gravois Arm, was the lake’s first restaurant to construct the beloved swim up pool bar (573-372-6500).  Shady Gator’s added Lazy Gators on the lakeside of the restaurant, also featuring a swim up pool bar.  Cabanas, hammacks & custom- made daybeds surround the pool (573-365-6464). Bear Bottom Resort, formerly Hooligan Bay, on the 38MM of the Osage is a 58 acre resort with a swim up bar, 2 waterslides & much more (573-374-6905). Franky & Louie’s at the 10 MM recently overhauled their sandy beach with tons of white sand brought from the Gulf of Florida (573-374-5277).  Another beachfront favorite, Captain Ron’s, has a couple of sandy beaches with weekly beach activities, parasailing & vacation rentals.  Downhill Ruckus, a ride originally made popular in New Zealand, just opened at the lake this Memorial weekend. 1-3 people go down a hill inside of a “human-sized” ball with 5 gallons of water.  Riders will bounce, flip & slide inside the ball as it travels down the hill (573-489-0933). The Sea Rocket is the fastest 12 person excursion boat offering tours of Lake of the Ozarks, with the excitement of offshore racing (573-286-4306).


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