Shoreline Cleanup, Dock Encapsulation, and Zebra Mussels at Lake of the Ozarks

Jeff Krantz attended the Adopt-the-Shoreline advisory board meeting Tuesday january 20, 2009. The 2008 Fall shoreline clean up was a great success. Volunteers collected 937 cubic yards of debris and another 400 cubic yards of debris was collected on the “free” day that Ameren sponsored, totaling over 1337 cubic yards, making this fall clean up one of the biggest ever. The best part was that 70% of all of the white foam collected was recycled.¬†Ameren reported that there are 25,000 boat docks on the lake and that only 700 are not encapsulated. Of the 700 that have not yet complied, 100 of them are currently under contract to have their docks encapsulated. Ameren also stated that they are starting the process of compliance on the remaining docks now. The encapsulation program has been a tremendous success and we are very close to eliminating one of the biggest pollutant’s of the lake – white foam. The spring clean up this year will be a very important one due to all of the push to re-foam to encapsulated foam in 2008. They anticipate a large amount of debris this spring. After this spring we should really see the positive effects from this program with a reduced amount of white foam debris. Come on out and participate in the Spring clean up this year, it’s fun and the lake is our back yard! There was also a report given on Zebra Mussels in the lake. The attached map shows all of the locations that Zebra Mussels have been documented. Zebra Mussels are small, aggressive breeders that attach to almost anything and are often responsible for clogging up intakes on motors, irrigation and landscaping pumps, etc. If your boat has been in the water here at the lake and you are planning a trip to another lake, please make sure to follow the department of conservations recommendations to ensure that you do not transport them to a new water body. Greg Stoner with the Missouri Department of Conservation is monitoring the population of Zebra Mussels in the lake and would like anyone who spots any to call him direct to report the locations.¬†Greg’s number is 573-346-2210 Ext. 235


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